Welcome to the Neurogenomics Laboratory!

Most of the variation in genome sequences that influences neurological disease predisposition and behavioral ability occurs in the vast regions between genes. The goal of the Pfenning group is to build a set of computational and genomic tools to study how genome sequence influences neural cells, neural circuits, disease, and behavior. The group is conducting research on the genetic mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease, the epigenetics of aging, and evolution of language behavior.


Andreas joined Carnegie Mellon University in 2016 after completing training with Dr. Manolis Kellis as a postdoctoral associate in a joint position between the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Genetics Department of Harvard Medical School. He has a PhD in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics from Duke University and a BS in Computer Science, from Carnegie Mellon (2006). He has published a number of high-impact papers, including four in Nature and seven in Science.